Tell us what makes you proud to live here

"I've made a lot of good friends here" : In Mexborough Town Centre Anna Stead, 21, and Robert Vernon, 31, with daughter Layla.
"I've made a lot of good friends here" : In Mexborough Town Centre Anna Stead, 21, and Robert Vernon, 31, with daughter Layla.

Are you proud of the Dearne?

South Yorkshire as a whole is going through some hard times at the moment and it is a long time since the area experienced full employment.

But there is still a resolute feeling that we still have a very special spirit in the heartlands of the Don and Dearne.

The South Yorkshire Times has proudly served the area for more than 130 years and we want you to tell us about the people and organisations who are making a difference to their communities.

We went out and asked Dearne folk what made them proud about where they come from. The one answer which shone positively through was - the people.

Conisbrough and Denaby councillor Christine Mills told us: “I am very proud of the features, the castle we can all be proud of and the mining heritage, which has come to the fore with the centenary of the 1912 mining disaster.

“But most of all the people. The young people especially have a real growing aspiration of what they want from their lives. When you go to the De Warenne Academy and see what is happening there, it fills you with great hope for the future generations”.

Robert Vernon 31 and Anna Stead, 21, both of Mexborough agreed. Robert said: ”I’ve lived here for six years and never had a problem. I wouldn’t move from here even if I won the Lottery. I met a lot of friends straight away”.

Christina Foreman, 86 and husband Jack Foreman, 84, of Denaby, looked back to the area’s industrial past fondly. Christina said: “I was born and bred here. It used to be better when we had the pits and mining. Plenty used to go in the pubs and clubs back then and there was a real community spirit. Jack added: “I came down here to work at Cadeby pit in 1957. I like it so much I stopped and got married!

“I used to be a deputy at the pit and we have always had plenty of friends. In those days though, everybody had a wage coming in on Friday . That’s all gone now.”

Alice Lawrence, 78, of Thurnscoe, told the Times:“I have always lived here . people I know are very friendly and down to earth and will always help each other”.

As a local newspaper we know that as wel as there are dozens of unsung heroes in our area who deserve to be recognised for what they do, We want you to tell us your stories about people you are proud of in your area.

It could be running marathons for charity, organising clean-ups, looking after the elderly, running a youth football team, or individual achievements in sport or the arts or maybe someone has excelled in what they do or just restored your faith in human nature. Contact us 01709 303060 or at