Teen survivor Jade launches festival

Jade Foulds with mum Michelle and boyfriend Patrick Garrity.
Jade Foulds with mum Michelle and boyfriend Patrick Garrity.

TEENAGER Jade Foulds stared death in the face twice, when she developed a rare pregnancy complication THEN faced a fight against virulent cancer.

But despite the 19-year old’s “four months of hell” that began last October, she is using her new-found strength only to help others - by launching a huge fundraiser for teen cancer victims.

Swinton teenager Jade sadly lost her twin babies, one after the other, when she experienced a very rare ‘molar pregnancy’.

Trophoblastic disease had caused her placenta to overgrow and tragically, its removal also brought an end to her pregnancy.

As she recovered from that trauma, the young charity worker was found to have a cancerous tumour in her uterus.

She began chemotherapy cancer treatment at Weston Park Hospital, but more trauma followed when doctors had to halt that due to an acute attack of peritonitis.

Against all the odds, Jade is now in remission.

“I had tests and scans to check if the tumour had spread but I was really lucky it hadn’t”, said Jade. “I had some side effects such as mouth ulcers with chemo. I lost some hair but I was coping, then I developed bad stomach pains while on my third treatment.

“That was the end of January. They had to stop chemo which was really worrying. But my tumour had shrunk enough to satisfy the doctors and all the tests since then suggest it isn’t growing back.

“My hormone levels have to be checked and Weston Park doctors are watching me very closely, but I’m getting stronger all the time”.

Now back at work at Age Concern after five months of sick leave, Jade’s life is slowly returning to normal.

Her first pregnancy had been unexpected, she said, but her twins were very much wanted and her worst moment was in losing them.

“They were 10 weeks old and it was terrible....I can only describe these last months as hell”, said Jade.

She hopes for a healthy pregnancy in the future, but must wait at least six months before even thinking of trying to conceive.

“The chance of suffering another molar pregnancy increases each time you have one”, she said. “From a one in 1,200 chance of a molar pregnancy at the outset, I am now down to a one in 85 chance, and if I had a second molar pregnancy that would be reduced again to just one in 18.

“I want to thank all my family and friends, and the Weston Park staff who supported me. They got me through this”, added Jade.

“It’s a home from home at Weston Park, but there are only five rooms for people having treatment like I did, and they need to extend that part of the hospital”.

After hearing about the Teenage Cancer Trust that depends on donations, Jade got to work planning her first fundraiser festival day. It takes place at the Star Inn, Rawmarsh, on May 21 from noon to midnight.

“We want any bands who would like to play to get in touch as soon as possible”, added Jade, whose supporting committee includes mum Michelle Foulds and boyfriend Patrick Garrity of Rawmarsh. Her brother Jordan, 17, will undergo a sponsored leg wax on the day too. Kids’ activities will include a Disney fancy dress competition, bouncy castle, face painting, food and games with trophies. Adults will have a ‘famous musicians’ fancy dress theme, enjoy live bands and dancing, and take part in a bumper raffle. Bands who would like a slot, or anyone else who would like to offer help can contact the Star Inn tel.01709 712010.