Teen’s cancer shock unites community

When Wroot teenager Ethan Bettany was diagnosed with cancer, his battle against his illness became a family affair.

Sixteen-year-old student Ethan was diagnosed with testicular cancer just before Christmas.

The former South Axholme Academy pupil first visited his doctor last October, due to slight discomfort and swelling, said his mother. But when his pain continued and then increased, he revisited his doctor, saw a consultant and was told quite quickly that he had cancer.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought he actually would have cancer,” said mum Karen Bettany. “I kept telling Ethan to stop Googling his symptoms, but when he had an MRI scan and it was discovered he had a seven centimetre mass in his stomach it felt like our world had been ripped apart.

“He is lucky. The cancer has not got to his vital organs and he was operated on within three days of the cancer being found. He is now undergoing 12 weeks of chemotherapy that we are told should get rid of the cancer completely.

So far he’s doing very well,” she added. “It’s not an easy thing for a teenager to cope with but he’s just got on with it. Anti-sickness drugs have lessened the effects of the chemotherapy and so far it’s not been too bad.

“His college has been really supportive too and sent him work he can do, keeping in touch.”

To support Ethan after he lost his hair due to the cancer drugs, his mum and younger brother Izak, eight, had their heads shaved, and his dad Darrell is to undertake a coast to coast bike ride in a day, to boost funds for the teenage cancer unit at Sheffield’s Weston Park Hospital, where Ethan has had treatment. They hope to raise £2000.

“The reaction from our friends, family, and community of Wroot has been totally and utterly amazing,” said Karen.

“We’ve had offers for fundraising from friends which include triathlons and running the Sheffield Half Marathon.

We would like to thank every single person for their continued support, it has helped get us through a tough time. We are extremely lucky that Ethan’s cancer was caught early, his vital organs were clear and that at the end of the chemotherapy he should be cured.

“People’s reactions just prove there are still lots of genuinely kind-hearted people about. We will never forget the support from everyone.”

Ethan is a student at John Leggott College at Scunthorpe and hopes to pursue a career in geology in the future.

If anyone would like to support him by donating to his cause Ethan has his own page at www.justgiving.com/Ethan-Bettany http://www.justgiving.com/Ethan-Bettany