Teen road trauma AGAIN..

Another teenage road crash has almost claimed the life of a young motorcyclist.

Goldthorpe residents are demanding something be done after a 15-year-old Thurnscoe lad suffered serious head and leg injuries following a collision with a car at a back lane junction.

The boy was thrown off the back of one of two bikes being driven the wrong way up one-way Main Street, Goldthorpe by a 13-year-old boy on Sunday morning.

He was thrown across the bonnet of a red Citroen C2 and laid screaming in a pool of blood at the junction of Main Street and Lockwood Road.

The driver of the Citroen stopped and, along with two residents who heard the crash, contacted emergency services.

A woman who said she was first on the scene with her husband commented: “We were watching television about 10.30am and we’d heard the bikes racing round outside.

“We heard one roar past then there was a big bang followed by a kid screaming ‘help me, help me’.

“We rushed out and he was on his own, lying on the road with blood everywhere. His face and the top of his eye was gashed and the bone was exposed in his leg - it was horrendous. But he was wearing a cycling helmet and I think that might have saved his life.

“A first-aider was on the scene quite quickly, followed by the paramedics and an ambulance.

“The kid who was injured was small. We’re so glad he wasn’t killed. It’s a wonder no one has been as they’re always tearing round these streets. It’s a racetrack.

“They shouldn’t do it. But at the end of the day they’re young, they don’t realise the dangers and they don’t have anywhere to go round here with their friends.”

Another nearby resident said: “It’s a shame the kids have nowhere proper to go and ride the bikes - it’s all they want to do. If there was a safe place for them that would be ideal.

“I’m always hearing parents moaning there’s nowhere for kids to go. They’re constantly up and down these streets and ginnels after school and at weekends. Some speed up and others go steady. They have set routes I think but I’ve not seen them racing.”

The bike involved in the collision - a black and gold MaxPro - was removed by other young bikers before police arrived at the scene.

The injured lad was taken to Barnsley District General Hospital following the accident. The 13-year-old who was driving the bike was also taken to hospital with cuts and bruises but was later allowed home.

Acting Police Sergeant Darren Birley of Dearne Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We take the issue of off-road bikes being ridden illegally in the Dearne area extremely seriously as it causes concerns for our residents and is dangerous for those taking part.

“We continue to tackle the issue robustly by conducting many high visibility patrols and operations at peak times throughout the area.

“Over the last two years one officer alone has seized over 50 bikes from the area; we will continue many operations to seize any off-road bikes being ridden illegally in the Dearne area.

“Our SNT are currently in conversation with members of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and landowners in the area regarding creating a facility for people to use their bikes legally.”

Police would like to hear from anyone who saw what happened before or after the collision that occurred around 10.35am.

Witnesses or anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 0114 2202020, quoting incident number 412 of February 13.