TECH TALK: S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch

The much anticipated present on Christmas morning was opened with glee. A shiny Nintendo Switch™ was soon in the hands of my Pokémon mad daughter. In anticipation of the highly portable nature of this particular console, we had an S-Charge ready and waiting in the wings to spring into action.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 10:59 am
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 4:38 am
S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch

Good decision. The accessory has proven to be well worthwhile.

The slim-line and relatively lightweight device clasped easily and securely around the console. We found the kickstand offered stability at a number of different angles, adapting to most of the environments in which it was standing very well.

The charging port is conveniently on the right-hand side of the case, meaning it can be charged while playing in table top mode. Two handy built-in game card slots are a bonus for transporting the device around the house.

S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch

The 10,000mAh high capacity battery proved itself very useful for prolonged play. So in demand was this feature that, when an older sibling came to visit with their Switch™, the S-Charge was immediately seized upon and utilised for much-needed charging-up purposes.

100 per cent charge from almost was reached within 2 hours, whilst having started out at near to flat and while it was continually being used to play games.

Do note that while charging up a Switch from a completely dead is possible, a few minutes need to be allowed before the device is ready for further use, as the power needs to reach a level high enough for functionality to kick back in. For continuous, uninterrupted play, we found that ideally it was best to charge from low battery.

We found that S-Charge provided around the benchmark 10 hours of additional play as promised, meaning the fun carried on, admittedly, way beyond bedtime on occasion...

S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch

Because it can charge devices other than Nintendo ones, we found this useful when it came to our mobile phones running low on their battery power too.

The carry case is excellent, sturdy with special pockets for multiple games, and compartments for the remote attachments.

Although the provided screen protector is good and able to withstand those sticky little fingers, it may, however, not be able to prevent the damage caused by any serious impact that may befall the Switch™.

Overall, we definitely found this to be worth every penny.

S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch

Bundle includes:

S-Charger device

Carry case

USB charge lead

S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch

Screen protector

Prices range for £34.99 to £64.99 from Amazon, John Lewis and Currys.

S-Charge battery case for Nintendo Switch