Tally of high-rise building to fail cladding safety test rises to 34 after Grenfell Tower tragedy

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Some 34 high-rise buildings in 17 local authorities across the country have failed fire cladding safety tests after the Grenfell Tower disaster, the Government has said.

The Department for Communities and Local Government's announcement comes amid a national safety operation to identify buildings with cladding like that used on the tower block in north Kensington.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said testing of potentially combustible cladding 'is running around the clock'.

"So far the cladding from 34 high-rise buildings, in 17 local authority areas, has failed the combustibility test," he added.

Manchester, Camden, Plymouth, Hounslow, Portsmouth, Barnet and Brent were named by Mr Javid as having buildings that had failed tests.

He stressed 'cladding itself is not dangerous' and that a failure in testing does not necessarily mean a building will be evacuated.

In Sheffield, problem cladding has been identified in Harold Lambert Court, in Hyde Park.

The cladding is being checked by management firm Together Housing, with cladding samples sent for analysis.

Tests are also being carried out on window sills at Silverwood House, which is on the Balby Bridge flats complex, in Doncaster after they were found to be 'similar' to those used on the Kensington tower block which was engulfed in flames, leaving 79 people either dead or missing presumed dead.