Take That! Furious diners blast tribute night dinner

NOT SO MAJESTIC: The Take That tribute dinner.
NOT SO MAJESTIC: The Take That tribute dinner.

ANGRY diners have blasted a Mexborough party venue – saying they were served “disgusting” Christmas meals.

Customers who attended the Majestic Suite in Mexborough for a Take That tribute night before Christmas have slated staff for the state of the food.

Around 200 customers are said to have packed into the Bank Street venue, but diners claimed their festive meals were so bad that hardly anyone managed to clear their plates.

The manager, Pat Selas, has now publically apologised for the service provided, after she was forced to deal with numerous complaints.

One angry customer, district nurse Angela Hirst, said: “It was disgusting, and not even edible.

“The food was cold for a start. People were getting their meals out at different times, often late.

“Some were getting their desserts before their mains.

“The place was packed as well – there were about 250 people crammed in.

“The plates were being passed along over people’s heads and then onto the tables. Mine must have been touched by 10 people before it got to me.

“It was the worst Christmas dinner I’ve ever had.”

Mrs Hirst added that tempers frayed as the evening wore on, saying: “Some people were getting quite irate, voices were raised and, at one point, I thought there was going to be a riot at one stage.

“The manager was saying to write down any complaints in a letter and send it to them.

“Pretty much everyone was then writing on sheets of paper. There I was, on my Christmas do, writing out a letter of complaint, when I should have been having a good time.”

“I’m just angry about how we have all been treated.”

Another disgruntled customer – on a works outing with more than 20 others – said: “The vegetables weren’t done properly, the meat had too much fat on it, and the Yorkshire puddings looked like they had been done in the microwave.

“It was about an hour late, and most of it was cold. The whole thing was chaotic.”

The manager, Pat Selas, issued a public apology, saying: “We had new staff on the night, it was extremely busy and we did the best we could.

“We have hosted many events here, such as weddings, and had no complaints at all.

“But I would like to say sorry. It was a one-off – it’s not usually like that.”