Superstaff who didn’t bottle it!

Sainsbury's staff outside the shop. Picture: Karen Elliott.
Sainsbury's staff outside the shop. Picture: Karen Elliott.
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Super store staff showed a lot of bottle when a milk wagon crashed into a bus in Conisbrough.

Church Street shoppers watched in horror when a milk lorry visiting the Sainsbury’s store reversed straight into a 221 Mexborough to Doncaster Stagecoach bus on Monday morning – smashing three windows and leaving passengers stunned.

But heroic Sainbury’s staff leapt into action, helping the passengers off the bus, treating some for shock in their store room, and marshalling the traffic on the busy town centre street.

Security guard Mark Howell, was described as the “man of the hour” by eye-witnesses, after he first called 999, then climbed into the bus to aid a heavily pregnant woman who was suffering from shock, before helping the driver.

But modest Mark said he simply did “what anyone would have done in the circumstances”.

And he praised the efforts of his Sainsbury’s colleagues – Michael Hughes, Sue Evans, Sean Timmins, Adam Eteo and store manager Michael Wroe – who directed traffic, made tea for the passengers and helped until paramedics and police arrived.

Mark said: “I think the lorry driver tried to apply the brakes, but he shunted into the side of the bus, smashing the glass out.

“It was lucky that no one was sitting under the windows or they would have been showered in glass too.

“The passengers were my main concern – especially the pregnant lady. I hope she’s OK now.”

An eye-witness told the Times: “When the lorry started reversing, it was one of those moments when you could just see what was going to happen next.

“There was a loud bang and then it went silent. Then suddenly everyone was out on the street having a look.”

A Stagecoach Yorkshire spokesman said: “Fortunately, no-one was injured, including the driver. The bus has now been fully repaired and is back in service.

“Stagecoach is working with South Yorkshire Police to investigate this incident.”