Success not Lost on Teresa

Teresa Gwatkin with her book Forever Lost.
Teresa Gwatkin with her book Forever Lost.

A delighted Conisbrough author is celebrating after receiving five star reviews for her debut book, and she’s already on with her second.

Teresa Gwatkin is ecstatic with how well received her first effort, called Forever Lost, has been - with the Kindle edition boasting stunning success as well as selling over 100 copies via email in the first few weeks.

The first-time writer was inspired to pen the novel after she came up with the plot one night whilst asleep.

The story centres around the character of Megan, who ends her marriage by telling her husband her deepest darkest secret and the situations this then throws up for her as a singleton.

Although the book is not based on Mrs Gwatkin’s own life, the character of Megan reveals that she lost a baby when she was a teenager - something that also happened to her own daughter, who allowed her to use the experience in the book.

According to 48-year-old novelist, this is the bit of the book that makes most people cry.

And as she explains, the book isn’t just proving popular with women.

Mrs Gwatkin said: “I’ve had men who’ve read it say they loved it.

“Everyone has said that they can relate to at least something that has happened in the book.”

And Amazon reviews seem to agree, with user Tracey Dunkerley writing: “Easy to get involved with the characters. You don’t want to put the book down. Looking forward to the next book.”

But Mrs Gwatkin admits that if you’re expecting a romantic read, Forever Lost is not all hearts and flowers.

“It’s not Mills and Boone by any stretch of the imagination,” she added.

Although it may have taken her three years to write her first novel, she is already well on her way with her second.

It was only after she was forced to give up her sales job due to chronic back pain that the debut author began to write full time and literally turned her 10 year-old dream into a reality.

She hopes that the book’s early success will continue when the paperback becomes available via Amazon this June.

Her Cheltenham based publisher, B.B.Publishing, is also excited by the novel’s success, as this is the first project of this kind it has been involved in.

Kindle editions of the book are available to buy via Amazon for £3.08. Printed copies are £5.99, email