strangled and drowned

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A BAKERY worker was strangled and then drowned in the bath after enduring regular beatings at the hands of her abusive boyfriend - who later killed himself after being charged with her murder.

Agnieszka Dziegielewska, 30, was beaten unconscious in the bedroom of her Swinton home and then her body was dragged into the bath.

Her attacker filled the tub with water and placed a chair on top of her chest to weight her down under the surface, ensuring she drowned.

Ex-boyfriend Hossein Abdollahzadeh, 32, was charged with her murder but was found hanged in his cell at Doncaster Prison just two weeks after her death in January last year.

Details of the tragedy emerged during an inquest into Miss Dziegielewska’s death at Rotherham Coroner’s Court last week.

Det Supt Colin Fisher told the hearing she was beaten in her bedroom and strangled with a ligature which “led to her being rendered unconscious.”

He added Abdollahzadeh’s fingerprints were all over the walls, and there was a mark which showed Miss Dziegielewska’s face had hit the door.

The officer told the hearing the offender then placed the young Polish woman in the bath and put a computer chair on her chest to make sure her face was submerged below the water surface.

He added the “chilling” evidence showed the offender then turned the taps off, closed the door and calmly left the premises.

Her boyfriend at the time, Daniel Sandhall, became concerned for her welfare when she did not answer his phone calls so he contacted police.

He and an officer discovered her body at her flat at Horsefair Close, Swinton, at about 7.30pm on January 28.

A post mortem examination revealed she had died of a combination of strangulation and drowning between 8 and 8.30am that morning.

Police later discovered her attacker had fled the scene with a number of items including her laptop, jewellery and mobile phone. Miss Dziegielewska’s car had also been taken.

Ex-boyfriend Abdollahzadeh was subsequently charged with her murder after a number of the stolen items were recovered and linked him to the crime.

He denied it and claimed he was at work and later over at a friend’s house on the night she was murdered.

A note was found in the prison cell at the side of his body in which he continued to deny the crime.

In the letter, he admitted having arguments with his ex-girlfriend, but could not offer an explanation as to how she died.

Officers discovered both of them had previously been living together at her flat.

But the relationship soured as her Iranian-born partner battered and verbally abused her.

One one occasion he strangled her until she nearly fainted, but she was too scared to call the police.

Miss Dziegielewska finally plucked up the courage to leave him in early 2009.

Meanwhile, Abdollahzadeh pursued a marriage permit as marrying her was the only way he could stay in the UK.

This permit was granted around the time Miss Dziegielewska started going out with her new boyfriend Daniel Sandhall.

Rotherham Coroner Nicola Mundy said she had “died at the hand of another” and recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

Miss Dziegielewska’s parents Jolanta and Piotr had travelled from Poland to attend the inquest.

In a statement after the hearing, they described their daughter as their “greatest treasure”.

They added: “Nothing in our entire lives will be able to replace her. We would give anything, including our own lives, to bring her back.

“She was only 30-years-old and had all her life before her. I would not wish such a tragedy on our worst enemy. Her kindness was abused to the maximum.

“The person who killed her destroyed not only her life, but the lives of others who must now go on and suffer without her.”