Steps for homeowners to prepare for winter weather

Workers checking roof tiles.
Workers checking roof tiles.

AS THE darker nights draw in, The Property Care Association - the trade body for building preservation in the UK - has drawn up a list of simple steps householders inn the Isle can take to stop winter taking its toll on their homes.

The Property Care Association (PCA) has drawn up five areas where property owners can take action now to stop future problems in their tracks. They are as follows:

Drains – Make sure drains remain clear of leaves and other debris, to enable water to escape from a building quickly, particularly during heavy downpours.

Roofs – Check lead-work and roof tiling is in good condition and able to withstand the wind as well as the rain. If anything is loose or worn, water will find its way in.

Gutters – Make sure these are free from moss, leaves and other debris - and all properly connected up - to give water a fast exit from the building.

Pointing – Monitor a property’s pointing and rendering regularly, as this is another area that can cause problems.

Chimneys – Poor flashing on chimney breasts can let water stream into a property – so check this area out before the weather turns.

Steve Hodgson, general manager of the PCA, said: “This information offers some simple steps homeowners can take to protect their property against the winter weather.

“By dealing with problems at an early stage, homeowners could ward off the need for more extensive repairs in the future.

“The key is to inspect regularly and prevent water entering a building.

“If in doubt, contact a member of the PCA, to get the problem accurately diagnosed.”

The PCA is a member of TrustMark the scheme supported by Government, to help property owners find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to make home improvements.

Noted for its training and technical expertise, The Property Care Association represents the UK’s structural repair sector, as well as the structural waterproofing, wood preservation, damp-proofing, flood remediation and invasive weed control industries.

It incorporates the British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association (BWPDA), which has been in formation for almost 80 years.

Its contractor members are all carefully vetted before being awarded membership - and are then subject to rigorous auditing procedures once admitted to the association.

As well as delivering a trusted repair procedure, PCA members are able to carry out specialist surveys as part of the house-buying procedure to identify potential problems – as well as a range of other services designed to preserve and protect homes and buildings across the UK.

The PCA can be found at or by calling 0844 375 4301.

A video is also available to view online at Property Care