Spoof pram and pushchair 'ban' on First Buses goes viral - and fools passengers

The spoof post which has gone viral.
The spoof post which has gone viral.

A spoof pram and pushchair 'ban' on First Buses, claiming that "full time yummie mummies and their semi-human offspring" were spoiling journeys has gone viral - with scores taken in by the ruse.

A post on a Facebook account titled "First Buses" - and which uses the firm's logo - claimed that from September 1, all prams and pushchairs will be banned on all services.

The post has been shared nearly 13,000 times - with many falling for the hoax.

It read: "First, the 'buggy spaces' are actually primarily for wheelchair users.

"Secondly, normal passengers complain in their droves daily about having their journeys spoiled by Lonsdale clad "full time yummy mummies" and their semi human offspring, who are often left to sit in the pushchair scoffing Quavers whilst staring unnervingly with their bozz eyes, all while mummy sits on Snapchat, "hilariously" adding dog ears to her latest selfie.

"However, we are not cruel for the sake of it. Buggies and prams will still be allowed, provided they are folded up, meaning that mummy will need to pay attention to little Alfie when they "go to visit Auntie Louise", who is not an actual aunt but just a scratter friend of mummy. We trust these measures meet with the approval of our loyal patrons.

"Thank You - The First Buses Team."

While many saw through the joke, others were taken in.

One wrote: "What a service u provide ? Well after your statements I'd rather walk than catch a bus."

Another wrote: "I think this is absolutely disgraceful you people at first busses (sic) should be discussed (sic) with yourself."

Another post added: "That's ok for a parent with one child how does someone with twins supposed to hold two children and fold up a double buggy. Is the driver going to help? I don't think so."

The spoof page also carries "complaints" from "customers," says another initiative being introduced by the company involves carrying pictures of disgraced paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile on vehicles and advertises sex toys which have supposedly been left on services.

We have contacted First Bus - which is the real name of the transport provider - and the name of its official Facebook account, for comment.