Spoof Doncaster Council Facebook page organises '˜Dancing on Spice' contest

A spoof Facebook page poking fun at Doncaster Council has organised a '˜Dancing on Spice' competition in a jibe at the town's spice drug problem.

Monday, 3rd December 2018, 12:08 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd December 2018, 12:15 pm

A Facebook group entitled Doncaster Council Page is promoting what it calls the 'grand final of Dancing on Spice' where '˜viewers' will be able to watch their 'favourite contestants as they stumble around while off their **** on Mamba.'

It adds: 'Enjoy the wondrous spectacle of two spice rats simultaneously fighting for a prime begging spot at a parking meter while taking a **** in public!'

The spoof 'Dancing on Spice' event advertised as taking place in Doncaster on New Year's Eve. (Photo: Facebook/Doncaster Council Page).

The page, which can be seen HERE, uses the Council's coat of arms logo but has no connection to Doncaster Council which has its own social media page '“ simply called Doncaster Council '“ on Facebook.

The '˜event' is said to be taking place from 8pm on New Year's Eve in Sir Nigel Gresley Square.

The post is illustrated with a picture of Dancing On Ice presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby surrounded by spice '˜zombies' on the set of the ITV celebrity ice skating show.

The Doncaster Council Page group on Facebook.

The full post reads: 'Join us at Nigel Gresley Square for the grand final of Dancing on Spice!

'Cheer on all your favourite contestants as they stumble around while off their **** on Mamba, marvel as they stand, still as a stone for minutes with only the slowly spreading urine stain in their pants to show the passage of time and enjoy the wondrous spectacle of two spice rats simultaneously fighting for a prime begging spot at a parking meter while taking a **** in public!

In recent months, businesses and members of the public have joined forces to combat the growing problem of Spice '“ a lethal drug which turns users into zombies '“ after growing concerns that Doncaster town centre was being blighted by the problem.

It is not known who is responsible for the page which also takes a swipe at the Council over issues such as roadworks and schools admissions.

Another post read: 'We at Doncaster Council Page would like to wish the good people of Doncaster a very Merry Christmas and we hope you're enjoying your early present from us, grid locked traffic because we've decided to dig every other road in the borough up."

It also included what it describes as 'a festive song to help pass the hours' set to the tune of the Twelve Days Of Christmas with the lyrics: '1 worker working, 2 lanes are closing, 3 miles per hour, 4 drivers crying, 5 supervisors, 6 lots of roadworks, 7 bored school kids, 8 horns a beeping, 9 missed appointments, 10 miles of traffic, 11 months of pot holes and the council couldn't give a ****.'

The page also takes a dig at Doncaster Council's schools admission policy with a post which read: 'This year we're trialling a new allocation system.

'The first letter of your child's name will be matched up with the first letter of the primary school, for example if your child is called Harry he will be allocated a place at Hatchell Wood Primary School and if your child is called Phoebe she will be allocated to Plover Primary School.

'Finally, if your child is called Zander then we're afraid the school system in Doncaster isn't for you, you middle class ****.'

The page, which was only set up last week, has already attracted more than 1,240 fans.