Special event at Doncaster Sikh temple

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NEWS: News.

One of Doncaster’s Sikh temples is hosting a special event next month to mark the birth of the Royal baby and display national unity.

The Guru Kalgidhar Gurdwara in Catherine Street, Hyde Park, is inviting everyone to join them in the ‘One Britain, One Nation’ celebration.

“The whole purpose of this campaign is to engage all our people from every culture, background and faith to create a sense of national unity to foster a deeper spirit of togetherness and encourage and instill a sense of patriotic pride, loyalty and dedication to the well-being of our great nation,” said Tija Singh Round, the Gurdwara president.

The event takes place on the afternoon of Sunday, August 11, starting with Sikh hymnes followe dby a service and food and refreshments.

Doncaster’s MPs and the Elected Mayor and Civic Mayor, Ros Jones and Eddie Dobbs, are all being invited.