South Yorkshire residents urged to clean ovens to avoid safety risk

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Firefighters are urging people to make cleaning out their oven their New Year’s resolution.

Grime fires, caused by a build up of fat and grease in things like ovens and grill pans, are blamed for a big proportion of the 300 or so kitchen fires South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue attends each year.

A fire service survey last year found 40 per cent of people admitted that they haven’t cleaned out their oven or grill pan for at least six months.

Trevor Bernard, head of community safety, said: “You’d be amazed how many homes we go to where minimum standards of hygiene and cleanliness aren’t maintained, putting residents at a real risk of having a fire that could severely damage their property. That’s why we’re raising awareness of this issue, to hopefully motivate people not to put off this particular household chore any longer and make cleaning out their oven their New Year’s resolution.”

Advice being given to residents includes to clean out ovens and grills regularly to avoid a build up of fat and grease, ditch old fashioned chip pans, use oven chips or thermostat controlled fryers instead and don’t attempt to cook if you’ve been out drinking.