South Yorkshire potter Ashley Carty follows up Jimmy White win by beating Michael Holt in Welsh Open

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South Yorkshire snooker star Ashley Carty continued his good run of form earlier today with a 4-2 win over Michael Holt at the Welsh Open in Cardiff.

Carty qualified recently for the China Open by beating Jimmy White in qualifying at Barnsley Metrodome, and said: “I’m delighted to be going to China.

“It will be a surreal experience. I’m delighted with my performance and it was a difficult game, but to have beaten Jimmy White shows how much I have progressed.”

Carty is currently working with local company PTC Sports to achieve a Level 3 sports qualification and is helping to provide sports provision across the South Yorkshire area to young children, to encourage them live an active and healthy lifestyle.

The role allows him sufficient time to complete his studies and role, as well as allowing him to train up to five times a week on the table.

“They know what it means to me to be in with a shot of turning professional,” Carty said.

“[Company owner] Craig Parry was also a professional footballer so he knows himself just what it takes to reach the top.”