South Yorkshire Police left 'chasing shadows' in war against off-road bikers

An off-road bike seized by police in Rotherham
An off-road bike seized by police in Rotherham

Off-road bikers are leaving police officers 'chasing shadows' in South Yorkshire, frustrated residents claim.

Fed up locals from across the county claim their communities are plagued by off-road bikers causing a nuisance and putting lives at risk.

They spoke out after the Sheffield South East local policing team issued an appeal for help in tracing a red and large white trials bike said to have been 'ridden in a dangerous manner' in Woodthorpe, putting pedestrians and young children at risk.

Officers across the county mount regular operations to catch off-road bikers and seize their machines, but residents claim it is an on-going battle.

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Diane Smith, writing on Facebook, said off-road bikers are causing problems 'all over Sheffield'.

"The police are chasing shadows, they come and disrupt the area with speed and noise then go to another area before the police can even turn up."

Helen Sutton said the issue not only affects Sheffield suburbs and estates, pointing out that she recently spotted an off-road biker on the pedestrianised area near to the fountains outside the City Hall in the city centre.

"The area was busy and there were loads of kiddies around. Unfortunately he (the biker) didn't fall off and break his neck as I was hoping. Could have easily killed someone else though," she said.

Sophie Fox said she spotted an off-road biker in Hillsborough Park when she was walking with her child.

"I was walking through Hillsborough Park the other day with my two-year-old and one come speeding down right across the grass. had to move my son away," she said.

Kathryn Cholerton said an off-road biker pulled out on her on the Manor estate and rode along the pavements.

"They could really hurt somebody," she added.

Rebecca Brunt said she saw an off-road biker riding on one wheel as he overtook cars in High Green.

Carrie-Anne McCourt said off-road bikers in Batemoor are 'dangerous', claiming they ride on fields where children play.

In July 2013 a three-year-old girl was struck by one of three off-road bikers as she crossed Ridgeway, East Herringthorpe, with her mum.

The bikers failed to stop, leaving the youngster with serious head injuries.