South Yorkshire police chiefs back new proof of age cards

Chief Inspector Richard Lambert, of South Yorkshire Police
Chief Inspector Richard Lambert, of South Yorkshire Police

Police chiefs in South Yorkshire are promoting the use of Pass 18+ cards for young people to prove their age.

The new proof of age card was officially launched nationally last week and now South Yorkshire officers are urging people to sign up, to avoid them having to carry valuable forms of identification, including passports, into pubs and clubs to prove they are over 18 years old.

Chief Inspector Richard Lambert said: “Although there have been several proof of age cards around in the past, the launch of this new, standardised card is the most fundamental change to the Pass Proof of Age Scheme since its launch in 2003.

“The benefits of the card are twofold. Firstly, it is a standardised form of identification which will be far easier for door and bar staff to identify and verify.

“Previously, the fact that there were so many different proof of age cards available meant that they may not have been accepted everywhere, as staff at licensed establishments may not have been convinced as to their authenticity.

“And secondly, by carrying the Pass 18+ card, people can prove their age without having to carry passports or birth certificates around.

“If these items are lost not only are they very expensive to replace, but they could potentially be used to steal someone’s identity. However, with the Pass 18+ card, there is a far lesser risk of fraud should it be lost.”

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