South Yorkshire motorists urged to gear up for winter

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

Motorists are being urged to gear up for driving over the winter months.

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership wants drivers to take extra precautions to keep themselves and other on the roads safe.

Members are reminding motorists to slow down in poor weather and increase the gap between themselves and the vehicles in front.

People are also being urged to carry an emergency kit during the winter months in case of a breakdown or delay.

They are recommended to include an ice scraper, torch, warm clothes, a blanket, a pair of boots, a first aid kit and a shovel for snow.

Joanne Wehrle, Safer Roads Education Manager, said: “At this time of year when weather conditions can be unpredictable it is especially important to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and your tyre tread depths are within the legal limits.

“On cold mornings, make sure all the ice and snow is cleared from your windows, mirrors, lights and the roof of your vehicle.

“Always make sure you can see and be seen by other road users. Check that your exterior lights are working and are free from dirt.”

“Driving in wet and icy conditions can be challenging.”