South Yorkshire firefighters begin another day of strike action

News from the fire service
News from the fire service

Firefighters in South Yorkshire and across the country started their third consecutive day of strike action this monrning.

This follows strikes between noon and 5pm on Friday and 2pm and 2am on Saturday, and the 12th period since the dispute began over the Government’s changes to pensions.

Today’s strike is set to continue until 3pm this afternoon.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said: “Yet again firefighters have shown the strength of their anger over government attacks on their pensions and have been united in standing up for a fair, workable and affordable deal.

“It’s very disappointing that we’ve been forced to hold another three days of strikes but nothing with deflect firefighters resolve when the future of their families — and the fire and rescue service itself — is at stake.

“Just like the current bout of industrial action, future strikes could be avoided simply by the government honouring current pension promises and releasing proposals for the future that reflect the discussions we’ve held over the last three years and take account of the evidence we have presented about our occupation.

“Surely it’s now time for their games to stop and common sense to prevail?”

Strikers say they are concerned over the changes to pensions, which would see firefighters who must or choose to retire after the age of 55 losing almost 50 per cent of their pension as well as an increase in pension contributions.