South Yorkshire fire chiefs issue safety warning over cheap extinguishers

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Firefighters have warned South Yorkshire bargain hunters against buying fire extinguishers from car boot sales.

They say more and more people are buying extinguishers for their homes to protect themselves against fire, but are urging them to only buy from reputable retailers - and never to buy them second hand.

Bargain hunters are warned to avoid buying green canister extinguishers, which have been banned since 2003.

Technical Support Manager Terry Guthrie, of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “You should never purchase fire extinguishers from car boot sales or pop up market stalls, where you are not provided with any guarantee or warranty, or even if the extinguisher will actually operate.

“This is a purchase that may lead to you losing your home or business when the extinguishers fails to operate in an emergency.

“A further point to note is that any green coloured fire extinguishers seen for sale will normally contain Halon gas.

“This type of extinguisher has been withdrawn from sale since 2003 due to the gas it contains being banned because of its ozone depleting properties. “