Society could relaunch

AN EPWORTH organisation, that has been in a state of limbo for the past two years, could resurface - if sufficient people want to see it return to playing an active role in the town.

Epworth Civic Society was set up for the good of the town and holds a watching brief to monitor planning applications and make comments to the planning authority - North Lincolnshire Council.

The society has been kept ticking over by three residents of the town as they did not want to see the organisation completely disbanded.

Now - with issues such as car parking, the proposed alterations to the Market Cross and the possibility of a supermarket in the town - they have got together to see if there are sufficient people willing to resuscitate the society.

When there was a proposal to completely disband the organisation, and give away its funds to similar bodies elsewhere, they resisted the move on the grounds that there might be a need for such an organisation at sometime in the future.

A spokesman said: “The society has its own individual funds and, although dormant at present, can be resurrected to spearhead any campaigns that are pertinent to its mandate.”

Anyone wanting to find out more should phone Bob Brand on 01427 872918.