So who gets the benefits?

At the risk of sounding like a worn record which keeps jumping back into the same groove, (remember them?), yet another throwback to the dire days of the 1980s has reared its head. Workfare.

Anyone who left school after 1980 and was unable to get a proper job or apprenticeship - which meant most people around these parts- will remember the Youth ‘Training Schemes’, which quite often meant you were sweeping up in a factory or supermarket for a few quid over the standard dole money.

Jump forward 30 years and here we are again. Up to a few weeks ago big employers have been gleefully signing up to the Department of Work and Pensions’ work experience schemes, where jobseekers can have their benefits removed if they don’t work unpaid.

A large national supermarket chain who we all know but shall remain nameless was castigated on the Internet after a Jobcentre ad asked for a worker on permanent nights for Jobseekers Allowance as a wage. There were rumblings of boycotting them, and they and others suddenly decided they were against the idea after all.

Whether you think people are to blame or not for being unemployed, surely it is an obscene waste of taxpayers money to swell the coffers of multinationals in this way, as well as replacing properly paid jobs. Am I right or am I wrong readers? Write in and let me know.

Rant over.