Smelly feet? Introducing the new odourless socks!

The new odourless socks
The new odourless socks

Everyone desires a pair of good socks.

Everyone desires not only comfort but feet that don't smell...

The new odourless socks

The new odourless socks

Introducing MP Magic Socks, the world's best odourless socks.

These socks are made from the world's very unique fabrics. These fabrics are not one, but three metal infused: silver, copper and zinc.

Multiple metals can kill more types of bacteria.

A spokesman said: "The world's unique fabrics is only the start, we special designed the socks at the toe and heel area, perfectly match the human foot shape, make that part super breathable and durable.

"With metal infused these socks can transfer heat more efficiently, and are more durable.

"When you wear the socks, you just free your feet, and forget about the socks being on."

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