Slimmers shed clothes for naked charity calendar

Dozens of Doncaster slimmers shed their clothes as well as the pounds to create their own naked calendar. Â

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 05 December, 2018, 07:21

Amanda Horsman's Slimming World group, which meets at Sprotbrough Library, stripped off after she had tentatively suggested the scheme to thank the Weston Park Hospital, in Sheffield, for helping her through pioneering cancer treatment.

She was one of only 20 people in the world to take part in a groundbreaking trial to see if a new drug known as MTL-005 can affect chemotherapy by making cancerous tumour cells more sensitive to radiation therapy. She was given the all clear last year.

Sprotbrough Library Slimmingworld consultant Amanda Horsman (centre), pictured with members l-r Louise Morton, Jim Breslin, Carmel Proctor, Cheryl Jessop, Jason Horsman, Lyn Robinson and Maureen O'Brien, holding copies of the calendar they have produced to raise money for charity. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP-04-12-18-SlimmingGroupCalendar-1

To thank the team, mum of three Amanda is now trying to raise £10,000 for Weston Park Cancer Charity. It provided her and other patients with items they needed during their hospital stays.

She said: 'It was my idea to do the calendar. We've done all sorts of things for Weston Park in the past. 

'I suggested the calendar expecting the group to say '˜no', but they said they were up for it. The men in the group insisted they took part as well. Even the photographer was part of our group.

'Some took more persuading than others, with my mother in law taking a bit of persuasion.

Members of Sprotbrough Slimming World stripped off to raise money for Weston Park Hospital Charity with a naked calendar

'But everyone showed great courage and I'm really proud of them all.

'Some of them had very little confidence when they first started slimming, so to strip off like this is really brave.

'One of the group sent me a message saying she wasn't the right shape or size to be in the pictures, but she'd like to help in any way she could. I texted her back and said '˜you're beautiful, come and be part of the pictures.

'It has done their confidence a world of good '“ the number of people who say how great they feel that they've done this is wonderful.

Members of Sprotbrough Slimming World stripped off to raise money for Weston Park Hospital Charity with a naked calendar

'The library gave us a room to do the photographs, letting us use the room while the library was actually closed '“ they gave us a room upstairs for free.

'I thought it was a great success '“ I want to do it all again next year, but I've not told the group that yet.

'My husband, Jason Horsman, and my mother in law, Lyn Robinson, are both members of the group, so they took part too.'

There were 18 members of the group involved in the calendar and they have lost over 40 stone between them. 

The printing costs for the calendar were paid for by one of Amanda's friends, so all the proceeds of the calendar sales will go to the Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Copies are available priced £9.95 through Amanda at Sprotbrough Library Thursdays at 9.30am, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm . You can email her on or call 07875 075602.