SLIDESHOW: Twins among the Sheffield new-borns sharing birthday with new royal baby

While the world’s attention was on the arrival of a certain royal baby in London yesterday, new mums in Sheffield were bringing their own princes and princesses into the world.

Fourteen babies were born in Sheffield’s Jessop Wing at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital on Saturday at the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge was having her daughter.

Tom Rusell & Guillia Cavazza with twins Matteo & Eleanor

Tom Rusell & Guillia Cavazza with twins Matteo & Eleanor

Among those delivered yesterday were twins Matteo and Eleanor, who arrived within 10 minutes of each other just before 8pm.

They were born to proud parents Giulia Cavazza and Tom Russell, from Nether Edge, who already have a boy and a girl.

Tom said of his new arrivals: “We resisted calling them Will and Kate!”

The couple said they have had plenty of comments from friends and family about the timing of the birth and look forward to telling the twins about their notable birthdays when they are older.

John Grierson with son Henry William

John Grierson with son Henry William

Tom added: “I wouldn’t really put myself down as a royalist. Everyone on the ward today has got a story as important as Kate and William’s.”

One couple who had a surprise delivery were Bethany and Ian Fenton, from Deepcar.

They had been watching coverage of the announcement of the royal birth at home when Bethany started going into labour - one month earlier than expected.

They arrived at the hospital in Sheffield at around 11.30pm - with their daughter Lyla Bea arriving just 20 minutes later at 11.54pm.

Amy White with son Josh

Amy White with son Josh

Bethany, who had only started her maternity leave on Friday, said: “We were watching all the royal baby stuff, thinking that will be me in a month. It was a bit of a shock!

“It is definitely a date to remember.”

Other proud new parents yesterday included Sarah and John Grierson, from Parkhead.

Their first child, son Henry William, was born at 4.25pm.

Dante-Joshua, son of Gemma Everitt

Dante-Joshua, son of Gemma Everitt

John said sharing birthdays with the royals runs in the family.

“It is great for him to share the birthday. My sister’s little boy was born on the same day as Prince George - so we have both got royal-born babies now!”

The pair are first-time parents and John said: “It is an amazing feeling, very, very overwhelming.”

Sarah added: “He is perfect, he is our prince.”

Another new mum was Amy White, from Parson Cross, who has had baby son Josh with father Adam Jones.

She said she hadn’t really been aware the royal baby had been born until after her arrival was announced on Facebook by her family and everyone started commenting on the date.

Also on the ward was Gemma Everitt, who lives in Firth Park, had her fourth child yesterday, with Dante Joshua born at 5.30pm.

William and Kate are yet to announce the name of their baby daughter - with Alice and Charlotte among the bookies’ favourites.