SLIDESHOW: Bonfire Night goes with a bang

BONFIRE Night went with a bang in Epworth, as scores of families turned out to enjoy a showground spectacular.

All those who turned their back on Saturday night television to embrace the night air, enjoyed the heat of a massive bonfire and a sky lit up by fireworks, while savouring hot food and other goodies. A heated beer tent staffed by volunteers provided further succour.

And it was not just folk from the Isle who turned out to support the evening, with publicity in the Bells attracting interest from people living in the USA.

Dave Heyes, one of the organisers, said “We even had people from Michigan who were over here on business and came along after most likely reading about the event. I heard they had thoroughly enjoyed the evening and said how wonderful it was that a community should come together to organise such a night.

The third annual event on the showground and planned by volunteers, was the first time fireworks had been set to music.

Mr Heyes thanked volunteers who helped make the event possible.