Sinking horse rescued by fire crews

A horse being rescued at Ealand on Sunday night.
A horse being rescued at Ealand on Sunday night.

Fire crews staged a dramatic rescue to save a horse that was trapped to its shoulders in deep mud.

The technical rescue unit from Immingham was brought in for the operation, at ‘Twin Rivers’ close to the A18 and A161 junction at Ealand.

Humberside fire service group manager Mark Toplass said it was a difficult rescue, and a temporary platform had to be built across the river from the A18 for the fire crew and vet to get to the distressed animal.

The black and white horse was sedated while straps were placed around it to attach to a lifting bar, and a vehicle driven by a local farmer helped to lift it to safety.

“Because of the conditions we had to lift the horse vertically, anything else was impossible,” said Mr Toplass.

“This isn’t an unusual occurrence in the Isle but it’s not an easy thing to do. Once we had the equipment in place it went very well, due to good team work. It was pleasing to see the horse come out all right.”

The Sunday drama began with an alert at 4.35pm, and the rescue was just completed by 7pm. “We would ask the public to always report an incident like this to us and never try to tackle anything themselves, as it is too dangerous,” added Mr Toplass.