Sheridan ‘imposter’ on facebook

Isle actress Sheridan Smith has suffered another annoying attack by social media.

Monday, 30th March 2015, 11:20 am

First it was trolls who forced her to close her twitter account just weeks ago, and now the star has been targeted on facebook, by an imposter trying to recruit her friends.

Sheridan’s family have been quick to step in and condemn the second spate of nuisance activity. Her rocker brother Damian Dalton-Smith spoke out on facebook to confirm that the site showing Sheridan being kissed on both cheeks by two males, is completely false.

He said: “Friends are asking me if this is my sister’s real’s not no! Just another loser with no real friends pretending to be someone else.”

He continued: “It’s just not fair for her real fans getting messages from whoever it is. Don’t be fooled!”

Over 800 ‘friends’ were added quickly to the false page although it was noted by one that the wrong birth month had been given. Another said he had been added as a friend without his knowledge.

The false facebook profile invites ‘friends’ to chat with Sheridan and includes many photographs, some dating back several years.

In answer to supportive comments about the scam, Damian said: “It happens quite a bit to be honest. I actually wrote a song about these kind of folk too!”

One friend noted that a fake profile of Sheridan’s mother had even been made to make the star’s profile seem even more convincing. Another noted: ‘Wow...some people stoop to massive lows!’

Multiple award-winning actress Sheridan closed down her twitter account at the start of last month after being harassed constantly by social media ‘trolls’.

An onslaught of abusive and hurtful comments had left her unable to sleep, she revealed. The attacks had even included disturbing messages about the loss of Sheridan’s eldest brother Julian, who died aged 18, of cancer.

At the time she apologised to fans for having to desert them, saying: “I came on twitter to talk to fans, now I just seem to get abuse and made up stories. Hate my family getting grief.” Damian supported his sister then too, telling her to concentrate only on her huge legion of fans.