Sheffield Wednesday ace Chris Waddle in Brexit Twitter row with former England team mate Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker and Chris Waddle swapped Brexit views on Twitter.
Gary Lineker and Chris Waddle swapped Brexit views on Twitter.

Sheffield Wednesday legend Chris Waddle and former England team-mate Gary Lineker became embroiled in a Twitter spat – about Brexit.

The ex-Owls star and Match of the Day host Lineker traded words on Twitter – with fellow team-mate, goalkeeper Peter Shilton also getting involved in the exchanges.

Waddle began the spat when, in a now deleted tweet, he praised Prime Minister Theresa May and said that Britain would be ‘fine’ under a no-deal Brexit.

He tweeted: “Well done Theresa May, now let's leave Brexit with no deal we will be fine.”

But Lineker, a staunch Remainer and who has fiercely critcised the UK's planned withdrawal from the EU in a series of tweets, suggested Waddle’s skills were better suited to the football field rather than the the political arena when he drily replied: “Stick to football.”

Meanwhile Lineker also called out his 'hero' Peter Shilton over Brexit last night after the former England goalkeeper praised Jacob Rees-Mogg, a staunch Conservative Brexiteer.

Lineker has previoulsy said stopping 'frightfully boring' Theresa May's Brexit is more important to him than football.

Shilton, who played for Mr Lineker's beloved Leicester City, tweeted: 'Have been so impressed with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg in the last few days. He really knows what he is talking about and puts it across in a calm and calculated manner!'

Lineker responded to him and said: 'What's that old saying? You should never see a tweet from your heroes?'. 

Former England midfielder Peter Reid also replied to Shilton's tweet and said: 'I'll agree to disagree on that one Goalie. He's (JRM) loopy, doesn't know his a**e from his elbow'.