Sheffield weather forecast: Bright sunshine but cloud could spoil plans later

The weather in Sheffield is set to be a mixed bag today, as forecasters predict bright sunny spells and cloud.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 24 October, 2018, 08:33

Temperatures will be cool, with a peak of 13C.

What will the weather be like this morning in Sheffield?

This morning is set to see bright sunshine, with the temperature reaching 12C by lunchtime.

What will the weather be like this afternoon in Sheffield?

This afternoon is then set to see mostly sunny spells, with the temperature increasing to its peak of 13C by 1pm.

What will the weather be like this evening and tonight in Sheffield?

Early evening will see some sunny spells before then becoming cloudy and remaining so throughout the evening. Temperatures will begin to dip after 7pm.

What will the weather be like tomorrow in Sheffield?

Tomorrow will be similar, with a mixture of sunny spells, cloud and a maximum temperature of 13C.

What is the long-term forecast for Sheffield?

The rest of the week is then set to see a mixture of sunny spells and cloud, with temperatures ranging from 7-13C.

Looking further ahead, the beginning of November is set to see changeable and windy weather, with bands of rain or showers, interspersed with drier, quieter spells, according to the Met Office.

Towards the middle of the month, there are signs that high pressure may become more dominant, bringing more generally settled conditions, but with a greater chance of overnight frost and fog.