Sheffield TV host Dan Walker stuns BBC Breakfast viewers with 'long, hairy area' polar bear sex chat

Sheffield-based BBC Breakfast host stunned viewers and co-host Louise Minchin - when he starting discussing 'long, hairy areas' during a live interview about the sex of polar bears.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21 March, 2018, 11:06
Dan Walker

The pair were presenting this morning's BBC1 show and hosting an item about polar bears when the conversation turned decidedly strange.

Prior to the segment on a polar bear cub, Louise, 49, stated: "I've been slightly nervous about this story all morning, you'll see why."

Dan, 41, replied: “At five o’clock this morning I was researching how you sex a polar bear.

“Now, there is a level of detail I’m not sure if I can go into at this time of the morning, but essentially, there is a lot of fur in the area where you would need to investigate. So therefore it is hard to find out whether it’s male or female.

Louise then interjected: “I might go into hibernation while you carry on.”

Dan continued: “A very long, hairy area, I believe is the correct term.”

“But, wait for it, a slightly more reliable, but still visual way to determine the sex of a polar bear is to watch it urinate.”

Exasperated, Louise replied: “Why does he do it?”

“It’s important! You can share this information,” Dan exclaimed.