Sheffield tram surfer slammed as "reckless" by Supertram bosses

The man caught tram surfing in Sheffield
The man caught tram surfing in Sheffield

A man filmed "tram surfing" on the back of a Supetram as it whizzed through Sheffield has been slammed as "reckless" by transport bosses.

The man was filmed clinging onto the back of the Malin Bridge bound tram as it whizzed through the Gleadless area of city by a motorist following behind who captured the amazing footage on camera earlier this week.

WATCH: VIDEO: Man filmed "tram surfing" by clinging on back of moving Supertram in Sheffield

But travel chiefs have condemned the actions of the man who was filmed taking his life into his hands near the White Lane tram stop by motorist Tim Hobson,

In a joint statement on behalf of Stagecoach Supertram and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, executive director, Stephen Edwards, said: “We strongly discourage this reckless behaviour, and urge those taking part to think about the consequences, which could lead to them or other road users getting seriously hurt or worse.

"Anyone that witnesses tram surfing on Sheffield's network should report it to the tram driver at the next safe location or at”

Crouching low to avoid being spotted by the driver, the man is clearly seen holding on to the blue route tram’s windscreen wipers and standing on the bumper as it hurtles along at high speed.

In the clip, a voice can be heard saying: "No! As if this is real. Look at this silly **** on back of the tram! I've seen it all now."

As the tram pulls up at the White Lane stop, the man, dressed in jeans, a black jacket and clutching a white carrier bag covers his face as he momentarily steps off the tram as a bemused passenger looks on.

Then as the tram sets off, he leaps aboard once more.

It is not the first time thrill seekers and fare dodgers have been spotted riding trams in Sheffield.

Last year, a similar clip showing a man surfing on the back of a tram in Norfolk Park went viral on the internet. And earlier this year, two men were filmed clinging onto the back of a bus in Darnall.

Tram surfing has also become a problem and other British towns and cities including Blackpool, Edinburgh and Manchester.