Sheffield residents rejoice over plan to clear up popular Forge Dam 

A major plan to clear up Forge Dam and create better conditions for wildlife has been welcomed by Star readers.

The £370,000 scheme has been approved by Sheffield Council and will include removing 6, 000 cubic metres of silt from the dam in Fulwood.

Forge Dam. Picture: Michael Hardy

Forge Dam. Picture: Michael Hardy

A number of Star readers took to Facebook to express their delight at the move.

Lynda Ashmore posted: “That's brilliant. I remember going there as a child with my mum and dad.

“Must make time to go again.”

Simon Tongue described it as “great news” as it “did look a mess.” 

Emma Memmott added: “Lovely place, I went ever year when I was younger.”

Patricia Davies described it as a “wonderful environment for Sheffield youngsters to use.”

The project comes after the Friends of Porter Valley conservation group commissioned a masterplan in 2011 and have spent the last four years consulting with the public and drawing up models.

As part of the scheme, silt removed from the dam will be taken to a licensed contractor where it will be cleansed of naturally occurring pollutants and used for park landscaping.

There will also be the installation of a semi-porous, submerged wall stretching across the pond that will leave a channel of around 4.5 metres – wide enough for water to pass through.

It is hoped this will reduce the amount of silt being left behind by the river without disrupting the flow of water.

Friends of Porter Valley treasurer and project leader David Young said: “It’s a wonderful place for the wildlife and there have been incidences of water voles but they’re not here any more sadly.

“In our scheme we want to make it such that the environment can come back.”

The project is expected to cost £370,000 to complete and Friends of Porter Valley are only a few thousand pounds short of their fundraising target.