Sheffield residents alerted to fake TV licensing scam that has targeted thousands of people 

Sheffield residents are being urged not to fall victim to a fake TV licensing scam that has targeted thousands of people. 

Fraudsters are sending out the fake messages out in a bid to steal personal and financial information.



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Victims who click on the link are led to a convincing looking TV Licensing website – which scammers then use to harvest bank account details and other personal information.

Cyber crime reporting centre Action Fraud said there has been 2685 cases across the UK in September and October alone.

Pauline Smith, director of Action Fraud, said: “Devious fraudsters are constantly using new tactics to trick victims into handing over their personal information, often with devastating consequences. This is particularly nasty as it looks so convincing.

“It is vital that you spot the signs of fraudulent emails to avoid falling victim by following the protect advice below. 

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“We work tirelessly to stop fraudsters in their tracks and to prevent unsuspecting members of the public from falling victim to fraud.

“If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please report it us.”

In a statement, TV Licensing said: “We will never email customers, unprompted, to ask for bank details and/or your personal information, or tell you that you may be entitled to a refund.

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“We encourage anyone who has provided their details as a result of a fraudulent email to contact their bank urgently and to report the email to Action Fraud.”

Contact Action Fraud at