Sheffield professor joins new project to ‘transform education’


Professor John Leach, pro vice-chancellor at Sheffield Hallam University, is lending his expertise to an expansive project that could ‘transform education internationally’.

Prof Leach is one of 12 eminent educators who have formed a working group for the scheme, which has been devised by the Royal Society and British Academy.

The project will look into ways of determining how to best harness new research methods, technology and data to improve educational outcomes for young people.

The academies believe that high quality research has the ‘potential to transform education in the UK, and internationally’ but is concerned that the size of the educational research community have fallen in recent years.

This new project will investigate the opportunities and challenges for teachers, researchers, funders and policy-makers - from the funding and commissioning of research to accessing and applying it.

It will also assess how the connections between these groups may be strengthened so as to ensure that research is consistently informed by policy and practice.

Professor Leach said: “The legacy of research is its real-world impact - and that can be no more clearly evidenced than in the field of education and the experiences of young people. This project will provide a platform to help strengthen our capacity in educational research, ensuring that we are using evidence to achieve the very best outcomes for learners at all stages of education.”

The Royal Society and British Academy have issued a call for views in order to inform the work of the project. You can get more information on the Royal Society and British Academy websites.

The report is due to be released next summer.