Sheffield pharmacists reveal medicine shortages 

A shortage of medicines in city pharmacies has sparked concern among Star readers.

Pharmacists told how they have been hit by a national ‘surge’ in medicine shortages, which has affected patients across the country, and they fear uncertainty surrounding Brexit could make it even harder to secure supplies.

Skye Pharmacy manager Ranjeev Sidhu with counter assistant Janet Rodgers.

Skye Pharmacy manager Ranjeev Sidhu with counter assistant Janet Rodgers.

But they have also urged patients not to panic, reassuring them there are almost always suitable alternatives to drugs which are temporarily out of stock and that contingencies are being put in place to safeguard supplies.

The news, revealed by The Star, has sparked debate on Facebook among a number of readers.

Many said the shortage has been going on for a long time.

Danny Shepherd said: “It's been going on for 10 years and goes in cycles.”

Debi Allen added: “This has been the situation for the last 12 months at least, and it is getting worse each day.”

Julie Stribley posted: “For those of you who deny we'll suffer after Brexit, I think you're like the frog in the saucepan that doesn't jump when the water's boiling.

“You're so busy ignoring the signs. Experts and scientists are that for a reason. Politicians will say anything.”

But Traci Harrison was of the opinion that “it has been happening for years but nothing to do with Brexit.”

Another reader said: “I had to go on different injections as they couldn't get ones I usually use.”

Ranjeev Sidhu, manager of Skye Pharmacy in Manor, said there were typically around 16 medicines out of stock at any given time but that number had soared to around 80 in recent months.

He claimed the shortages, coupled with often vastly inflated prices for those medicines in short supply which could still be sourced, were making life increasingly hard for pharmacists. He added: “The pressure on pharmacies is growing every year, but medicine shortages have never been this bad before.”