Sheffield man put behind bars for violent attack on partner

Sheffield man, Adam Featherstone, 21, was jailed for 18-months, during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court, today for attacking his partner
Sheffield man, Adam Featherstone, 21, was jailed for 18-months, during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court, today for attacking his partner

'It's more serious because what you did is a violation of the trust between you,' a judge told a Sheffield man as he jailed him for over a year for a prolonged and violent attack on his girlfriend.

Adam Featherstone, 21, had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for six to eight weeks before he began exhibiting signs of what she described as 'controlling behaviour,' Sheffield Crown Court heard.

In a statement to the police, the woman said Featherstone demanded to have access to her phone and social media accounts which led to arguments between the pair.

The situation escalated into violence on April 30 this year, when Featherstone turned up at the woman's house drunk at around 6.30am and accused her of being unfaithful, Matthew Burdon, prosecuting, told the court.

He said: "He punched her to the left side of her face. She tried to move away, but he continued to hit her to her face."

During the course of the attack, which lasted for several hours, Featherstone also stamped on the woman's chest four to five times, kicked her in the head, held a pillow over her face and pulled her hair piece out.

Featherstone also damaged several of her possessions during the incident, the court heard.

The woman finally managed to escape at around 2.30pm, when she called a taxi to take her to hospital to be treated for her injuries.

"She had a minor bleed behind her eye, a broken sternum and two black eyes," said Mr Burdon, who went on to explain how Featherstone returned to the woman's property on May 21, when he barged in and 'began smashing up her flat again'.

When the woman confronted him he punched her to the chest, before throwing a picture frame at a friend of hers who was attempting to intervene.

Featherstone, of Merton Lane, Wincobank, pleaded guilty to charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, battery and criminal damage at an earlier hearing.

Richard Adams, defending, said: "Can I make it clear that Mr Featherstone accepts all of the circumstances. He doesn't seek to minimise, he doesn't claim he was provoked. He accepts he was completely, unreservedly out of order."

Mr Adams added that during his time on remand for his offending, Featherstone had engaged with anger management and counselling services, and was beginning to tackle 'unresolved issues' stemming from his childhood and adolescence.

Judge Graham Reeds QC said the only possible option was to pass an immediate custodial sentence, and jailed Featherstone for 18-months.

He said: "The domestic context makes it more serious because it represents a violation of the trust that exists between people in an intimate relationship."

South Yorkshire Police have been asked to provide a custody image of Featherstone.