Sheffield man handed suspended jail term for harassing women over two decades

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A man has been given a suspended jail sentence for harassing women over a period of nearly 20 years.

Desmond Ould, aged 65, of Laverack Street, Handsworth, pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment against two women at Sheffield Crown Court and was yesterday handed an eight month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Ould was also issued with a restraining order and criminal behaviour order, which have both been put in place for an indefinite period of time. He was also made subject of an 18 month supervision order.

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A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said officers were contacted by a woman in April this year, who wished to report prolonged stalking and harassment by Ould over a 15-year period.

Ould had sent numerous unwanted communication to the woman, including cards that contained photographs of her that he had taken without her knowledge, as well as messages of a sexual nature.

An extensive and thorough investigation was conducted by detectives and another woman also reported she had endured the same unwanted communication from Ould over an 18-year period. Ould was arrested after the cards were forensically examined and he was identified.

After the hearing, detective constable Tim Bell said: “Ould’s actions over many years caused his victims and their families tremendous stress and anguish. “To find out that someone is watching you and taking pictures of you is deeply disturbing and it caused them to alter their daily routines, and even install private security at home.

“I want to praise the victims, who would please request to remain anonymous following their ordeal, for coming forward and reporting Ould’s continued harassment against them.

“The restrictions imposed by the courts show that this behaviour should not and will not be tolerated, and that South Yorkshire Police take such matters very seriously.”

Further victims have since been identified as a result of the investigation and their complaints were taken into consideration by the court.

Advice and support is available from the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 032 0300 or by email, or Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service, on 0207 8408 960.

Call 101 to report stalking or harassment, or if a life is at risk call 999.