Sheffield hero 'jumped out of way of blazing gas canister' to alert neighbours amid explosion fears

Daniel Sharp.
Daniel Sharp.

A have-a-go-hero jumped out of the way of a blazing gas canister that was spewing flames out to alert neighbours that there could be an explosion on the street.

Arsonists set fire to a caravan which spread to a home in Doe Royd Crescent, Parson Cross, during the early hours of this morning.

The damage.

The damage.

Neighbour Danial Sharp saw a "bright glow" out of his window and sprung into action and started knocking on residents' doors to alert them to the blaze.

As he ran across the front of the blazing property to tell neighbours a gas canister at the side of the caravan ruptured and blew out a flame causing Daniel to jump out of the way.

The 34-year-old IT technician said: "The heat was really intense. I was moving across the front of the house and I heard a hissing sound, then a flame burst out about two metres and it made me jump back.

"I was shocked and it got my nerves going. There were two or three more bursts and I thought it might explode. But thankfully the fire service arrived shortly after and put it out."

The damaged property.

The damaged property.

The fire started at about 2am and Daniel saw it while using his computer in the home he shares with his wife Tia, aged 28, daughter Lana, aged seven, and mum Beryl, aged 68.

He knocked on two neighbours' doors and several people, including a mum and her young child plus an elderly woman, came outside to safety. It is believed the occupants of the property on fire managed to flee and the fire service said nobody was injured.

Danial remained modest about his brave actions.

He said: "I was concerned that the fire would spread so I had to go and wake them up. You don't think about your own safety so much at times like that. I am just glad nobody was injured."

Dramatic pictures sent in by other residents have revealed the scale of the damage, with the front of the home burnt out and all three front-facing windows smashed.

Police were also called to the scene and remained at the property throughout the night. A police cordon has been put up outside the house and officers remained outside the property this morning.

Fire crews from Elm Road, Rivelin and Tankersley stations spent about 90 minutes tackling the blaze. A fire service spokesperson confirmed it had been started deliberately.