Sheffield Council vows to take action over staff parking illegally in disabled bays

The parked council van.
The parked council van.

Sheffield Council has vowed to take action against staff caught parking illegally in disabled bays.

Kerry Addison said Sheffield Council staff frequently take up three disabled spaces in a car park at Dover Street, Netherthorpe, which causes inconvenience for people with mobility issues who really need them.

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The 45-year-old cares for an elderly lady with vision problems and said it causes difficulty for them when these spaces are full as they have to walk longer distances back to her car when they are going on outings.

The Southey Green woman snapped a picture of a council van she claims was parked illegally this week and shared it with the Sheffield Star to highlight the issue.

The authority has now promised to take action to tackle the issue.

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Neil Dawson, director of transport and facilities management at Sheffield Council, said: “We take this issue very seriously and are speaking with the individual concerned about the unacceptable use of a disabled parking bay.”

Ms Addison claimed it has been a problem for years and has gotten worse in recent weeks while council staff carried out improvements to railings and street furniture in the area.

She previously described staff who park illegally as "ignorant."

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While she was pleased to see the council take action, Kerry added: "I just hope they keep on top of it, that car park is really bad for it.

"They need to have regular patrols there."