Sheffield Council vows to take action over 'speeding rat run' complaints

Gill Furniss MP.
Gill Furniss MP.

People power has scored a victory after council chiefs vowed to take action against speeding motorists using a quiet residential street as a 'rat run'.

Angry residents claim taxis and other vehicles are using Firth Park Crescent in Firth Park as a thoroughfare.

Councillor Jack Scott.

Councillor Jack Scott.

It is claimed many of them are driving at well above the 20mph speed limit - which was only introduced recently in a bid to crack down on speeding motorists.

But following letters to councillors and Hillsborough and Brightside MP Gill Furniss, Sheffield Council has now vowed to increase the number of parking enforcement visits in a bid to reduce the problems.

Neville Levick, who penned the letters, described how he and his wife are so fed up with the issues blighting the area they now considering leaving Firth Park after 47 years.

He wrote: "Over the last five years our road - Firth Park Crescent - has become the taxi rank of Firth Park with many out of town taxis parking here.

Firth Park Crescent in Firth Park. Picture: Google

Firth Park Crescent in Firth Park. Picture: Google

"Our road is being used as a rat run between Firth Park Road and Bellhouse Road and with resident's cars parked on both sides it becomes a bottleneck when a stalemate situation occurs when no driver is willing to give way."

He added: "Many cars ignore the recently painted double yellow lines at the bottom of Firth Park Crescent and since the 20mph speed limit was introduced nobody takes any notice with cars travelling in excess off the speed limit both ways along the restricted highway. "

Jack Scott, cabinet member for transport at Sheffield Council, said: "This is clearly a problem that we need to take action on.

"We’re monitoring the traffic speeds in the new 20mph zone to see if this is helping to address issues in Firth Park Crescent and nearby.

"I’m also working with local councillors Alan Law, Abdul Khayum and Abtisam Mohammed to increase the number of parking enforcement visits that take place locally."

A spokeswoman for Gill Furniss said they had not received the letter from Mr Levick but will "take up the case immediately as it arrives."

She added: "Parking and traffic issues are ongoing issues and Gill shares the concerns of her constituents and will do everything to try to resolve them."

The spokeswoman said four penalty charge notices were recently issued following extra patrols.