Sheffield Council 'reviewing safety aspects' at Weston Park after young woman was sexually assaulted

Police seal off Weston Park.
Police seal off Weston Park.

Sheffield Council bosses are looking at improving safety measures at Weston Park after a young woman was sexually assaulted.

Hundreds of people are backing a campaign to get security lights installed while detectives are still trying to piece together what happened to the 21-year-old victim who woke up in the grounds of the park with no memory of what had happened.

A spokeswoman for Sheffield Council said: "We are currently reviewing the safety aspects of Weston Park.

"It is too early to give any more details, but all options are currently being discussed. Nothing has been ruled out."

Police believe the victim was sexually assaulted at around 10.50pm on Monday, January 23, and the attacker is still at large.

The incident has sparked security fears and members of the public have launched an online petition to push for extra lighting to be introduced.

The campaign has been uploaded to the website and so far has more than 700 supporters.

A number of people who signed the petition spoke of feeling unsafe while walking in the area.

Tasha Okeke said: "I walk past this park most mornings and it's legitimately pitch black in half the park. More lights are needed."

Once the petition reaches 1000 signatures campaigners will submit it to the council. .

The call for action comes after staff at The University of Sheffield issued safety advice to its 26, 000 students.

Serena Cavasin, the university's women's office, said: "If you do have to walk home, make sure you walk in a group and stick to well-lit areas as much as possible."

Detectives are analysing CCTV footage. Contact police on 101.