Sheffield boxer Billy Joe Saunders filmed saying ‘sieg heil’ and how he will ‘f*** up’ German opponent

Sheffield-based boxing champion Billy Joe Saunders is embroiled in a fresh row after he was filmed saying Nazi chant ‘sieg heil’ and how he will “f*** up” a German opponent.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 01 March, 2019, 09:32

The Sun has reported that the 29-year-old filmed himself saying the slogan when discussing his upcoming fight against German-based Shefat Isufi.

When a fan asked him on Instagram who he was fighting next, he said: “We’re going to f*** s*** up. Some German. Ze German.”

Billy Joe Saunders is embroiled in a fresh row.

The man in the video says: “Ah, sieg heil” to which Saunders instantly replied with the same phrase.

In the clip, which was posted on his Instagram story, he could be heard discussing having sex and “wrapping up”, a reference to wearing a condom.

Writing “some good advice taken”, he said: “100 per cent. Wrap up. I’ll wrap up 100 per cent. I won’t let no woman entrap me.

“Thank you for the advice, I’ll wrap up – I’ll be careful.”

Saunders takes on Isufi - who was born in Serbia but now fights out of Germany - on April 13 at Wembley Arena.

It comes just months after footage emerged of the fighter taunting a suspected drug addict in Nottinghamshire.

In the footage, Saunders offered £150 worth of crack to the vulnerable woman to perform a sex act.

He was subsequently charged with misconduct by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBOC) after the clip was circulated online and fined £100,000.

He was also filmed appearing to mock a “prostitute” in the street last year in an industrial estate in Sheffield, where Saunders trains at the Ingle gym.

In the clip, which was posted on the boxer’s Instagram account, a car pulls up alongside the woman and Saunders can be heard saying: “You’re selling your body on the street…what are you doing that for?”

The woman, who is wearing a denim skirt and heels, responds: “F*** off, I ain’t a pro [prostitute], I’m looking for someone.”

He later apologised over the ‘drugs for sex’ clip and said: "Apologise to everybody who's took offence - totally in the wrong, can't do anything but be sorry," Saunders tweeted.

In 2017, he was blasted as "homophobic" after posting a photo of man sporting hoop ear-rings and long hair on Twitter and telling followers that it was not "right for kids to see."

The WBO middleweight champ shared a photo of Meadowhall shop worker Jonny Marsh with his 92,000 followers on Twitter with the caption: "Walking through Meadowhall Sheffield and see this - confused" along with a puzzled face emoji.

And he was also embroiled in a row involving fellow boxer Tyan Booth after the pair were filmed discussing using prostitutes in Sheffield with Saunders describing them as “brasses.”