Shambolic transport system is driving all Doncaster mad

Doncaster Council
Doncaster Council

What a shambles Doncaster has become, what with the council services in meltdown and now travel services trying to outdo the council.

The bus services in the town are now a joke. Whoever the idiots are who decide on the timetables and routes would be better employed by the Muppet show director.
I personally think they have no idea at all of how to run a service but are more bothered about making a profit for their shareholders.
Turning to the train services, Mr Whelan got it spot on when he stated he wouldn’t let them run a bath. Similar to the buses, to sort things quicker, they cancel the service. Timetables mean nothing to them and it’s always the paying passengers who suffer.
Now it is being reported that taxi drivers are going to different authorities to get their licenses so we, the paying public, do not know whether we are safe getting into a taxi. Just what is this town trying to do to the residents and ratepayers?
Let’s have some answers. That is, if anyone in charge of these operations can put two words together.
Mr W Lawton
Mansfield Crescent, Armthorpe