Seizure tragedy of arty teenager

TRAGIC: Lorna Taylor who died two days before her 16th birthday.
TRAGIC: Lorna Taylor who died two days before her 16th birthday.

A CREATIVE teenager died from a seizure two days before her 16th birthday, an inquest concluded.

Lorna Taylor was found in bed by her mum who tried to resuscitate her daughter.

The hearing was told Lorna experienced fainting and seizures and was diagnosed by doctors as being ‘schoolphobic’ having suffered from bullying.

Coroner Paul Kelly recorded a verdict that Doncaster-born Lorna died from natural causes after the inquest was told her post-mortem examination came back as ‘normal’ and a seizure was the most likely cause of death.

Following the hearing her parents Chris Taylor and Alison Dixon, claimed education and health bosses failed to listen to concerns over their daughter’s health and instead blamed difficulties at school.

Mr Dixon said in a statement: “The last doctor Lorna saw after tests to try to determine the cause of her ‘episodes’ dismissed us with the words ‘She’ll hopefully grow out of it, it’s not life-threatening.’

“We hope some lessons are learnt so that no other parents of an undiagnosed poorly child are made to think that they are at fault for being over protective.

“Lorna would have been leaving school this week. We always joked that she would still be living at home when she was 40 as we did so much for her. If only that were true.”

Lorna, had returned from the Whitby Gothic weekend with friends the evening before her death.

Her mum found her daughter at the family home in Wharf Road, Ealand, on November 22, but could not resuscitate her.

Lorna attended Epworth’s South Axholme School and a learning development centre in Scunthorpe. She aspired to study art at Doncaster College, mainly inspired by Japanese cartoon animation Anime and Manga. She was also a black belt in kickboxing and liked tae kwon do.

Lorna had had a number of tests but doctors ruled out epilepsy, her parents, who also have another daughter Hazel, 13, said.

Mr Taylor added: “Although this inquest finally closes the investigation into the cause of death of our dear, late daughter, Lorna there can never be closure for our family. The ongoing pain of losing a child can only be understood by those who have had to endure that tragedy.

“Lorna is and always will be on our minds, whether on days out or just watching TV. There is always the thoughts that say ‘Lorna would have loved this’ or ‘Lorna would have found this so funny’ though feelings often remain unsaid, to avoid upsetting each other.

“I would like to thank all her friends and people in our village for the cards and flowers and all who attended her funeral, it meant a lot to us even though Lorna hated being the centre of attention.”