Security warning for commercial van drivers after spate of break-ins in Sheffield suburb


Commercial van drivers are being urged to make sure their vehicles are kept secure at night after a spate of five break-ins across a Sheffield suburb.

Police said the incidents have happened in the north west area of the city in the last few days.

Thieves stole tools from a van parked on Dial House Road in Hillsborough in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A young white man, described as wearing a grey hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, red gloves and a baseball cap, was spotted close to the scene and is wanted by police.

An unlocked van was entered in Studfield Grove, Loxley on Tuesday evening and a short while later a suspect left in a white Ford Connect van. The driver door was prized open and rear window smashed on a tipper van at Loxley Road in Hillsborough on the same night.

Tools were taken from a van in Stannington Road, Stannington, on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, over in Stocksbridge and the Upper Don area thieves pinched registration plates from a vehicle in Langsett Road South on Monday night.

In addition, there was an attempted break-in to a van in Haggstones Road at 2am on Tuesday. Three men in dark clothing were disturbed and fled the scene.

Dene Tinker, South Yorkshire Police's crime reduction officer, said: "It’s vital that owners and drivers are vigilant. We know it may take time at the end of a long day’s work to remove valuables and tools but we do recommend you do so especially overnight.

"I also appreciate it isn’t always an option for those who have nowhere else to keep them. If this is the case, please consider investing in a robust van vault where you can lock away all your most valuable tools.

"I would also advise that all van owners fit additional security such as loading door keepers to prevent door peeling. Fit an alarm and boost security by installing additional Slamlocks, lock plates or deadlocks independently of the manufactures. This will increase security of any items inside the van and they offer a visual deterrent on the outside of the van."