Sausage dogs sought at former Sheffield banger factory

The first 100 sausage dogs to register at White Cross Vets' new practice in Handsworth, Sheffield, which has been built on the site of a former sausage factory, will receive a free consultation.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 9:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 9:26 am

The unique offer applies to all dachshunds.

The family-run veterinary practice expanded into Handsworth this month, investing £250,000 in the state of the art practice which is based on Retford Road.

Vet Dave Hough, who lives locally and has more than 15 years’ experience, is heading up the new practice. He says: “We thought due to the history of the site, this quirky offer to dachshund owners might be a nice way of connecting with some of the local pet owners in our community.

“Dachshunds are scent hounds and they were originally bred to hunt badgers and other tunnelling animals like rabbits and foxes. Packs of dachshunds were even used to trail wild boar, but today their versatility makes them excellent family companions, show dogs, and small-game hunters. They are a very adaptable breed.”

All four of the team at White Cross Vets are pet owners, and vet Rebecca Verity, has her very own dachshund. Rebecca says: “I have a lovely one year old silver dapple miniature dachshund called Percy. He’s the boss of his big brother Henry, who is a flat coat retriever, and he has an uncanny ability to be able to get onto the kitchen table despite having such little legs! I use him to socialise any puppies coming in for first and second vaccinations, and I am sure he will be very excited to meet some new four legged friends from his own breed.”

The newly opened practice has separate, sound proofed wards for dogs and cats and a cat only consulting room, as well as a specialist cat ward featuring kennels that are positioned so cats can’t see each other, to further minimise stress-levels.

The practice uses pheromone diffusers and specifically composed music to further relax pets as well as providing ultra-soft bedding and warm, cosy LED lighting in all pet wards. White Cross Vets is fully equipped to carry out all types of operations on-site and has all the latest equipment including digital dental x-ray and ultrasound machines and an on-site laboratory.

To celebrate opening in Handsworth, the practice will be helping to protect cats, dogs and rabbits from life threatening diseases by offering vaccinations for just £10 until the end of 31st July.