Sam’s a photographic superstar!

PINT-sized Sam Hornsby’s face will be known all over the globe, as the subject of a winning photo collection.

The image of the eight-year-old, from Harlington, is now being showcased across the UK, Hong Kong, Ireland and the US.

It was a first win for 28-year-old Doncaster photographer Ruth Hold-sworth, who shot a selection of photos of the Hornsby family.

She entered Venture Photography’s annual awards for excellence, and emerged as the winner from over 250 photographers and thousands of images.

Sam’s mum, Nicky, said: “We knew the collection was fantastic but it still came as a shock to hear it had been acknowledged in this way.

“Ruth did a brilliant job on our shoot which was lots of fun.”

Ruth was complimentary too about her subjects, saying: “The Hornsby family brought lots of enthusiasm to their shoot, which was fantastic as it means the images captured are really brought to life”.