Safety message delivered to South Yorkshire youngsters ahead of Bonfire Night


Youngsters across South Yorkshire have been learning about the importance of firework safety ahead of Bonfire Night.

Police community support officers have been visiting schools across the area this week to chat about personal safety as part of Operation Dark Nights.

The interactive sessions include a presentation, quiz and opportunity to talk through real-life scenarios with officers from the police and fire service.

As well as facts around the dangers of fireworks, young people are being taught the ‘stop, drop and roll’ technique, which helps to put out flames, as well as how to behave at an organised bonfire event.

Sergeant Sharon Phin, who has helped to organise the sessions, said: “Half of all accidents involving fireworks happen to children under the age of 16 so we target our presentations to those at risk.

“Officers talk to children about sparklers, appropriate bright and reflective clothing and the need to stay close to an adult at organised events.”

Operation Dark Nights is a force-wide campaign providing public safety advice over the next four weeks.